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Cannabusiness CFO and Accounting Experts

Cannabiz Accounting


HigherLevel CFO (HLCFO) is your personal fractional accountant and virtual CFO, blazing in to rescue your cannabis business from exorbitant fees or possibly having to close up shop. Having a CFO on your team who understands cannabis accounting laws is critical to your business success. HigherLevel CFO will do this by taking the high road and ensuring your cannabusiness is 280e compliant, all from our St. Louis-based cannabis-focused accounting firm.

280e Training and Keeping You in the Know


HLCFO will track your expenses and cash flow, and flag any issues that need your attention. We track important due dates, like tax liability due dates, which helps project financial stability. We also provide 280e training to aid you in comprehending the unique requirements for 280e tax deductions.


Cannabis Accounting Laws


Having HLCFO as your fractional CFO allows you to bring your cannabusiness to a potent level, as you will be able to spend more time on your business instead of scrutinizing over the day-to-day financial operations necessary to keep your business flourishing and out of trouble. You can focus all your attention on your products, supporting your clientele, and budding growth, and not let your days dwindle away meticulously studying cannabis accounting courses.


Make us Your HigherLevel CFO So You Can Be the CEO


HLCFO acts as the liaison between all your cannabusiness cogs. Under specified direction, we will communicate with your CPA, banks, insurance broker, payroll provider, vendors, clients, and key employees; thus allowing you to concentrate completely on your business. HLCFO will retain key tasks to your business operations, assuring that you will not have to follow up with “has this been done yet?”

HLCFO also helps you manage basic HR functions for your cannabis business. From hiring to employee benefits and payroll, HLCFO can help you organize and manage the paperwork and data transactions. Not sure how to figure out when the right time is to hire? Ask HigherLevel CFO!


HLCFO handles all of your cannabis business accounting and financial needs!

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